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How a high-quality circuit board for solar pump controller is made?

How a high-quality circuit board for solar pump controller is made?

Dec 16,2022

First of all, to make a high-quality solar pump controller circuit board, there must be a good production environment and advanced equipment. It must be produced in a dust-free environment, and a workshop with stable temperature and humidity is also required. This is one of the important factors to ensure the quality of PCB board welding.


Many of the reasons for poor production are caused by solder paste printing. In order to better control the quality of printed solder paste, in addition to having a good solder paste printing machine, an SPI detection device is also required. It can significantly reduce possible quality risks.


Of course, a good placement machine is also essential, and often the placement machine is also the most expensive equipment in the entire production line. TPON solar water pump uses the original imported Samsung placement machine, which will greatly reduce the throwing rate and placement error rate during the production process.


Finally, the AOI inspection process, AOI can identify all errors caused by solder paste printing, component placement and reflow process. With its check, we can ensure that 100% qualified products are given to the next process.


As a professional solar pump manufacturer, TPON solar pump has a professional product research and development team, constantly develops new products, adds new product functions, and can respond quickly to research and development. For new product R&D, product scheme within 1 month , samples within 3 months to meet the customized needs of different customers. R&D Team serves you all the time with your new product development. Meanwhile, dependent production of controllers create more profits to customers. If you want to develop your own solar water pump according to your market needs, welcome to contact us.

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tpon solar pump

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