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Solar Pumping System Basics: How Much Does It Cost and How Does It Work?

Solar Pumping System Basics: How Much Does It Cost and How Does It Work?

Dec 2,2022
solar water pumping systems
The concept of solar water pumping systems is still relatively new. However, like all other water pump systems, the mechanics are very similar. It relies on the basic principles of positive displacement and kinetic energy to move water from one point to another. Like any other mechanical system, it needs to be powered to work.

As the name suggests, solar water pumping systems draw energy from the sun. This energy is converted into mechanical energy and used to move water from one point to another. Read on to learn more about solar water pumps.

How do Solar Water Pumping Systems Work?

A solar pump system consists of three basic components. These are solar panels, solar water pump inverters, and water pumps. The most basic solar water pump is an electric pump powered by electricity harnessed from solar panels.

The first component is the solar panel, which collects solar energy and converts it into electricity. These panels must be in an optimal position to ensure that they receive as much of the sun's rays as possible. In some cases, trackers can be installed to ensure that the panels are generally facing the best direction to receive the sun's rays.

The solar water pump controller is a device used to control the solar water pump so that it does not stop when the sunlight is weak. Some advanced controllers have features such as float switch terminals that allow the pump to shut off when the tank is full. Also, they may have overvoltage protection.

With a solar pump controller, operators can adjust pump pressure, flow, frequency, run time, and more. These controllers are often paired with solar water pump inverters in advanced systems. When the solar water pump motor is an AC motor, a solar inverter is often required. A water pump controller usually has the advanced features required to operate an AC solar water pump motor. These capabilities include network communications capabilities to support off-site surveillance and the ability to make operational adjustments.

The water pump is another important feature of any solar water pumping system. Pumps are available in different configurations. The three most common are submersible pumps, circulating pumps, and booster pumps.

Submersible pumps are often used in solar water pumping systems that draw water from deep wells or boreholes. On the other hand, circulation pumps are usually used to circulate water to maintain the water temperature and ensure a continuous water supply. Finally, booster pumps are used to provide the pressure needed to move the water from the storage tanks throughout the facility.

Where Solar Pumping Systems Can Work?

Solar water pumps can work in any part of the world that gets a lot of sunlight. They are particularly suitable for off-grid rural areas where the cost of bringing them into the grid is prohibitive. This makes them the perfect solution for South America, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and most of Africa. These areas all have high solar radiation but low connectivity to the grid. However, solar water pumping systems can be installed in almost all habitable areas of the world.

One of the most basic uses of a solar water pump is to provide water to a home. They can be used for water supply in telemedicine clinics, villages, private homes, and more. A solar pump can be used to pump water to the overhead storage tank.

In addition to watering homes, solar water pumps can also be used to water livestock. It can be a particularly useful solution for cattle farms in Southern Africa, the Americas, and Australia. Instead of driving cattle long distances to fetch water, it can be continuously pumped to a conveniently located drinking point. The use of solar-powered water pumps is already common in these areas, and they are used to pump water through pipes as long as 5 kilometers.

Solar water pumps can also be used to water small farms, vineyards, and gardens. The most economical configuration for small gardens is to pump water directly into a gravity tank and then use gravity flow for distribution.

There is no limit to how large a solar pump can be made. Often, however, they are most economical to use in small installations, where it does not make sense to use a fossil fuel system.

Some of the smallest solar water pumps can run on 150W PVs, and they can pump water at over 5 liters per minute from as low as 200 feet underground. Such a system can lift up to 3400 liters of water in 10 hours of sunny weather. That's enough to water a small orchard, a small herd of cattle, or several small families. If you only need small splashes, these are mostly from DC solar water pump systems. AC solar water pump systems are more popular because it has a larger water splash to meet various water needs, and their performance is more stable.

How Much Do Solar Water Pumps Typically Cost?

As we mentioned before, the main components of a solar water pumping system include solar panels, solar water pump inverters, and solar water pumps. Its main cost comes from solar panels. The cost of a solar water pump inverter and solar water pump is less than 50%.

There are many different quality solar panels and solar water pump inverters on the market. Their prices vary a lot. Does this mean you should choose the lowest-cost solar water pumping system components? Of course not, if you choose the cheapest product, it means you have a high risk of getting an unreliable product for what you pay for normally.

Take the example of a solar water pump inverter, which is made up of many different internal components that vary widely in price based on quality. This makes the price of solar water pump inverters vary. If you want to import or buy solar water pump inverters from China, you should choose a reliable brand to ensure its long-term high-quality performance. If you want to buy a solar water pump, please contact us.

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