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We can give customers more favorable prices, because many important parts of TPON solar powered pumps are manufactured by our factory, so we can make more profits to customers.
  • The function of the water outlet is to connect the water pipe and the water pump;

    We use high-quality stainless steel or copper as raw materials, coupled with precise machine processing to produce sophisticated high-quality water outlet accessories.

  • The pump shaft is used to fix the water pump impeller and drive the impeller to rotate.

    Its main function is to transfer the torque input from the engine to the impeller and fan, and provide the energy required by the impeller and fan to perform work.

  • The role of the connector

    The function of the connection is to connect the pump body and the motor to ensure the stability and balance of the pump during operation; we also provide customers with two choices of stainless steel and copper materials.

  • Motor rotor (composed of rotor shaft, evening steel sheet, and permanent magnet):

    It is also a rotating part in the motor. The motor consists of a rotor and a stator, which are used to realize the conversion of electrical energy and mechanical energy. The rotor rotation mode is that the rotor in the middle of the motor is a rotating body, which outputs torque.

  • The oil cylinder is the fastening and sealing part of the motor.

    Cooperate with the mechanical seal to seal the motor chamber, and combine with the lower bearing to fix the rotor of the motor, so that the rotor is in a reasonable working state. It is a key component of the water pump motor.

  • The bearing seat is a component used to support the shaft.

    The bearing is installed in the bearing seat as a rotating part and only bears the thrust bearing of the axial load. At the same time bearing radial load and axial load is called radial thrust bearing.

How To Choose Tpon Solar Water Pump
Control the cost of core modules from the source to achieve low cost while bringing greater economic benefits.
TOPN Solar Pumps Has
Control the cost of core modules from the source to achieve low cost while bringing greater economic benefits.

Professional engineers and quality inspection team:

Engineers concentrate on researching and improving the performance of pumps and devoting to new product research and development. Quality inspectors strictly control the quality of raw materials and every step in the production process of pumps; They strive to bring high-quality solar water pumps to customers.

Efficient pumping performance:

The permanent magnet DC brushless synchronous motor used in the TPON solar powered pumps increases the efficiency of the motor by 15%-20%; it can pump water with fewer solar panels, which not only saves energy but also reduces the entire pump system the cost .

Sincere service:

Tpon solar powered water pumps have partners all over Southeast Asia, Africa, America, the Middle East and other regions; we have maintained a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with our customers, and we are both partners and friends.

Satisfactory performance:

The TOPN pump factory exports about 6,000 solar pumps to all over the world every month. We don't say that TPON pumps are the first in the pump industry, but our performance can stand the test.

This Is From Customer Feedback On TPON
Control the cost of core modules from the source to achieve low cost while bringing greater economic benefits.
This is feedback from Middle East customers

Middle East

Our region is drought and water shortage, TOPN solar water pump solves our drinking water problem.

This is feedback from Africa customers


Hydropower is very expensive in most areas of our region. Topn pumps have reduced our water costs.

This is feedback from Asia customers


The arrival of TOPN pumps not only solves our agricultural irrigation problems efficiently, but also brings us more benefits.

This is feedback from America customers


We use TOPN pumps in farms, villas in the countryside and other places, it brings us convenience.

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