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  • 3inch Solar screw pump

    Kenyan customer: Usually we get water very difficult here, but now there are TPON solar pumps. Everything has become very simple, I hope to drink water every day.

    Feedback date:2019.9.8

    Model: 3TPS1.2-77-24-210

    Pump body: 3inch

    Max flow: 1200 liter per hour

    Max head: 77meters

    Voltage: DC24V

    Power: 210W

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    3inch Solar well pumps

    Senegal customers: We are very happy to be able to use such a good TPON solar submersible pump.We are a water shortage here, I hope he can bring convenience to me in the future.

    Feedback date:2019.9.19

    Model: 3TPS1.7-109-48-500

    Pump body: 3inch

    Max flow: 1700liter per hour

    Max head: 107meters

    Voltage: DC48V

    Power: 500W

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    3inch Solar solar panel water pumps

    Namibia customer: With TOPN solar pumps, it's more convenient for us to raise sheep. We also use them to irrigate the land. It's a practical invention.

    Feedback date:2019.10.9

    Model: 3TPS2.0-150-72-750

    Pump body: 3inch

    Max flow: 20000 liter per hour

    Max head: 150meters

    Voltage: DC72V

    Power: 750W

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    3inch Solar well pump kit

    Tanzania customer: Since I bought the TPON solar water pump, I have not only solved the drinking water problem in my own home, but I have also helped my neighbors solve the water problem.

    Feedback date:2019.10.28

    Model: 3TPPC3.5-95-48-750

    Pump body: 3inch

    Max flow: 3500 liter per hour

    Max head: 75meters

    Voltage: DC48V

    Power: 750W

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    Uganda customers: Many people in our area choose TPON solar powered water pumps. After we received the pumps, we installed it and the water output made us very satisfied.

    Feedback date:2019.11.7

    Model: TPQB3-50-48-550

    Max flow: 3000 liter per hour

    Max head: 50meters

    Voltage: DC48V

    Power: 550W

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    4inch solar submersible water pump kit

    Mali customers: Due to the lack of water resources, we have trouble irrigating when planting crops. I heard from friends that the installation and operation of solar powered water pumps are very simple, so we bought this pump, which is so convenient to help me solve the irrigation problem.

    Feedback date:2019.11.15

    Model: 4TPSC5.2-45-48-500

    Pump body: 4inch

    Max flow: 5200 liter per hour

    Max head: 45meters

    Voltage: DC48V

    Power: 500W

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