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10 Reasons to Install a Solar Submersible Pump to Improve Productivity

10 Reasons to Install a Solar Submersible Pump to Improve Productivity

Sep 28,2022
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In every part of the world, there is growing concern about access to reliable water supplies. Many locations use expensive and often daunting maintenance diesel-fueled equipment to pump groundwater. Solar energy can help places with power shortages get regular water supplies.
High sunshine areas are the most feasible places for solar submersible pumps. A simple solar pumping system consists of a solar panel unit, a pump, and a power converter. The new solution is adaptable and can work with both the grid and backup generators.
Water demand, water storage, depth, placement of photovoltaic panels, and solar radiation are some of the variables that must be considered when building a solar pumping system. The 10 factors listed below will help you decide whether to install a solar submersible pump for a reliable and sustainable water supply.

Easy installation:

Solar submersible pump systems can be deployed quickly and easily. Waterproof connectors are used to connect each solar panel. Likewise, the solar pump, solar panel, and detector can be connected to the controller using screw connectors without soldering. The pump needs to be simply connected to pre-existing electrical and plumbing lines.

Easy to maintain:

In addition to solar panels that are very reliable and only need to be cleaned once a year, solar submersible pumps have more mechanical parts. Because brushless motors do not have brushes, they require no maintenance. The field-replaceable pumping mechanism is very reliable and easy to use. A system without any maintenance should be able to pump tens of thousands of liters of water.

Inexpensive maintenance:

There are two components in a solar pump that may occasionally require very cheap maintenance. To ensure optimum performance, solar panels must be cleaned twice a year. Pumping mechanisms should be replaced less frequently, approximately every 5 years, as they may deteriorate over time and reduce pumping efficiency.

The system is modular and easy to update:

A solar pump system has many moving parts. They can be rewarded and promoted as needed. Additional solar panels can be installed if performance is compromised by excessive cloud cover and dim lighting. If more water is needed every day, batteries and additional solar panels can be installed to pump water at night.

Economical than installing mains power:

Installing mains power in remote locations is time-consuming and expensive. No electrical connection is required to pump water with the solar pump device. You are no longer limited by how deep the wires can be buried or the wind.

Wide range of applications:

The solar water pump is driven by electricity, and the photovoltaic water pumping equipment adopts photovoltaic power generation. Solar water pumps use the electricity generated to deliver water. Solar water pumps can be used for a variety of purposes, including domestic, commercial, agricultural, livestock, and more.

No operating costs:

There is little operating and maintenance expenditure after the original system cost, which is often contrasted with other attractive solutions. Every time a typical well pumps water, money is lost. Solar-powered submersible pumps powered by the sun are an exception to this rule.

Solar pumps are readily available:

Thanks to advances in manufacturing technology, solar pumps are now cheaper and more widely available. Solar cells and panels are one of the key innovations that make this possible. Due to advances in manufacturing, the cost of solar cells has dropped significantly.
Several locations can receive water from a solar pump system. They can replace typical domestic well pumps. The slightly higher cost of these systems is due to their increased performance and the fact that they require more solar panels and higher power requirements.

Efficient and powerful:

Commercial solar pumps offer great power, minimal maintenance, and efficiency. They have DC motors, are made of stainless steel, and are suitable for long steel. To ensure proper cleanliness and long life when submerged in water, stainless steel is used for pumping in residential and commercial areas. Additionally, stainless steel does not corrode when suspended in water for many years.

No external power supply is required:

The need to provide electricity to the region makes pumping water in remote areas difficult. The innovation of solar water pumping is that no external power source is required. All the electricity needed to pump water from hundreds of feet deep is generated by the sun and solar panels.

Final words:

The solar submersible pump has strong installation adaptability and can be used for various purposes. In this blog, we come across the top ten reasons to install a solar submersible pump for a sustainable water supply. If you want to buy a solar water pump, welcome to contact us.

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