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What Are the Core Components of Solar Water Pumps?

What Are the Core Components of Solar Water Pumps?

Dec 9,2021
 the core components of solar water pumps

The basic principle of the solar water pump is to convert solar energy into electric energy and drive various motors to drive water pumps to lift water. It has many advantages such as being noiseless, fully automatic, and high reliability. It can become an ideal green energy system that integrates economic, reliable, and environmental benefits, due to the operation and cooperation of the following main core components.

Solar panels

Solar panels include monocrystalline, polycrystalline silicon panels, and thin-film photovoltaic cells. Monocrystalline silicon solar panels have the highest power generation efficiency and the most expensive, followed by polycrystalline silicon and thin-film photovoltaic cells, which generally have a nominal power of about 150W per square meter. Solar panels are generally divided by operating voltage, which is 12V, 24V, 36V, etc.

One indicator of solar panels is the open-circuit voltage, which refers to the maximum electromotive force when the solar energy is not working. The open-circuit voltages of the above three specifications of solar panels are 20V, 36V, and 50V. This voltage also changes with changes in temperature, and it is also different from place to place. The voltage drops as the temperature rises.

Another indicator of solar panels is power, which is proportional to the area of the panel.

Pump and motor

Pumps include deep well pumps, submersible pumps, centrifugal pumps, etc. The main indicators of the pump are head and flow. Solar pumps cannot have the rated head and flow due to the unstable sunlight. They only mark the maximum flow and maximum head. The maximum head is the theoretical value of the maximum pressure that the pump valve can be closed. The working head is selected at 50% to 80% of this value.

The maximum flow is the flow when the valve of the pump is opened to the maximum and the head is the lowest, which is different from the indicators of other pumps. Other pump standards are rated head and rated flow, and power is rated power (the output power of the pump motor).

There are three types of motors: permanent magnet DC brushless motors, permanent magnet DC brushless motors (permanent magnet synchronous motors are one of them), AC single-phase or three-phase asynchronous motors.

Permanent magnet DC carbon brush motors are old-fashioned DC motors with low efficiency and short service life. Generally, the service life of carbon brushes does not exceed 500 hours. This product is being phased out.

Permanent magnet DC brushless motor is a new product in recent years, which is also the most advanced pump motor at present. Its scope includes square-wave-driven DC brushless motors, sine-wave-driven permanent magnet synchronous motors, which are 10 to 20% more efficient than the other two types of motors. This type of motor requires the use of a controller, and the power supply can be rectified by solar energy or alternating current.

Single-phase asynchronous or three-phase asynchronous motors are conventional motors currently in use. Generally, single-phase AC 220V is used for power below 2.2KW, and AC380V is used for power> 2.2KW. This type of pump needs to be equipped with an inverter when it is used in solar energy to convert the solar energy into the alternating current before it can be used for the pump.

Brushless motor controller, frequency converter, or AC inverter

These components are converters that convert solar energy into electricity for pumps. Some converters can also automatically adjust their frequency according to changes in the intensity of sunlight and solar energy.

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