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A Complete Guide to Installing Solar Pumps

A Complete Guide to Installing Solar Pumps

Jan 5,2022
 the installation methods of solar water pumps

Solar water pumps can be driven by solar cells to generate electricity, adjust the output frequency according to the intensity of sunlight, and control and adjust the amount of water. Solar water pumps need to be waterproof and moisture-proof to avoid malfunctions caused by dampness and affecting the normal operation of the water pumps. Below, TPON will introduce you to the installation methods of solar water pumps.
Preparation before installation of solar water pump

1. Please check the list of accessories carefully before installation. Please correct missing or non-conforming parts, otherwise, the system operation may be affected.
2. The photovoltaic water pump inverter must be installed vertically, and a space of at least 1 meter should be reserved on the upper and lower sides.
3. Please ensure that the installation environment meets the requirements, including rain, water, and moisture, and maintain good ventilation and heat dissipation conditions.
4. Please debug the machine according to the instructions in the operation manual. Do not change the control parameters of the inverter in violation of regulations, otherwise, it may cause damage to the equipment.
5. When debugging the machine, it must be done when the machine is stopped, otherwise, the machine may be damaged.  

Installation methods of solar water pump
1. Solar cell array installation
The direction of the solar cell array faces the equator, and a fixed or tracking support can be used. The inclination angle of the solar cell array of the fixed bracket is slightly increased than the local latitude, but the installation angle of the solar panel can be adjusted according to the different requirements of the seasonal water. For example, large water consumption in summer and small water consumption in winter can reduce the inclination angle to obtain more in summer Sunshine resources.
2. Bracket installation
The support should be made of steel or aluminum alloy, which can withstand strong winds of level 10 or above. The metal surface should be treated to prevent rust and corrosion, and lubricating oil should be applied to the seaside or areas with high salt and alkali content.  

3. Installation of submersible pump
When using a deep well pump to reclaim water from a deep well, drill and clean as required, the verticality of the well pipe meets the requirements, and the inner diameter of the well hole must be larger than the size required by the submersible pump. The installation depth of the submersible pump needs to be at least 1 meter lower than the dynamic water level, higher than the well pipe inlet filter hole, and at least 5 meters from the bottom of the well.

When fixing the submersible pump in a deep well, it is necessary to use wire ropes and buckles to fix it into the well, and the wellhead needs to be fixed with a submersible pump bracket. At the same time, it is recommended to use a spare cable to prevent the wire rope or bayonet from loosening and falling off.
4. Water pipe connection
(1) It is recommended to use PVC water pipes or iron steel pipes with a headless than 80 meters. When using PVC water pipes, use special glue to connect the bend and straight connections, but you need to wait 15 minutes for the glue to dry before putting it in the water. When the deep well pump or the drop is large, a check valve must be installed at the water pump port to prevent the water hammer from hitting the impeller, which may cause the impeller to reverse.
(2) It is recommended to use iron steel pipes with a head above 80 meters. When using iron steel pipes, power wires are required. When connecting elbows and straight-throughs, you need to add raw material belts. When connecting water pipes, you need to tighten them with pipe clamps.
5. Inverter installation
The distance between the top and bottom of the installation should be more than 120mm, and the distance between the left and right should be more than 50mm. When different inverters are installed at the same time, the upper part should be aligned, and the space between the top and bottom must exceed the size of the inverter housing.
6. Wiring installation
The three wires on the water pump are connected to U, V, and W on the inverter. Generally, the yellow and green are the ground wires and the ground E terminal. After the pump is connected, observe the water output, and then adjust any two points to compare the water output observed just now. If it is found to be smaller, adjust it back, and if it becomes larger, the current time shall prevail.  

Precautions for the installation of solar water pumps
1. It must be operated by qualified and trained electrical technicians.

2. The solar square array input inverter must be connected to a DC circuit breaker, and ensure that the voltage and current of the selected circuit breaker are greater than the voltage and current of the square array, and pay attention to the correct wiring method.
3. Please turn off the DC circuit breaker when wiring and unloading. DC power is very dangerous. Do not wire when power is on, otherwise, it may cause electric shock or fire.
4. The output needs to be connected to an AC circuit breaker, and ensure that the voltage and current of the selected circuit breaker are greater than the voltage and current of the square array, and pay attention to the correct wiring method.
5. When installing, pay attention that the lightning protection facilities comply with the relevant industry electrical standards.
6. The grounding terminal must be reliably grounded.

The installation of solar water pumps is related to performance problems in the future, so we must pay attention to the relevant matters. If you want to know more about solar water pump-related knowledge, TPON is happy to share relevant information with you.

As a professional manufacturer of solar water pumps products, TPON provides high-quality products that are widely used to solve domestic water and agricultural irrigation problems in countries where electricity is scarce or expensive. We are equipped with a professional production team and strict quality inspection system, we can also provide users with thoughtful one-stop service. If you are interested in our solar water pump, please send us your needs, we will give you a satisfactory answer in time!
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