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Can the solar water pump be directly connected to the solar panels?

Can the solar water pump be directly connected to the solar panels?

May 11,2023
TPON solar pump
TPON solar pump controller
tpon solar pump controller

For TPON solar pumps, a controller is required. Our smallest system is 24V, using a brushless permanent magnet motor for continuous operation and the panel is connected to an MPPT charge controller which then connects to the pump. Our controller improves on traditional controllers with some great new technology and new features. The MPPT controller allows the pump to operate even in less than ideal conditions, using the maximum power point function to optimize the operation of the pump motor at variable frequency based on available power. With maximum power point tracking (MPPT), the controller monitors the performance of the solar panel and adjusts voltage and current as needed to maintain optimum performance. The MPPT function improves overall system efficiency, especially in low-light, cloudy conditions. The controller is integrated into the "soft start/soft stop" function, which slowly ramps up or down the power of the pump, thereby eliminating the possibility of mechanical damage caused by torque during start-up. The TPON controller also has over-voltage /under voltage function,  these will keep the well from running dry and prevent over-pumping and wasting water. There is also a motor speed setting. The motor speed setting on the TPON controller is a dial that adjusts how fast the pump will run. The pump can be set to run at any desired speed and can be fine-tuned to the desired amount of water per day. The TPON controller is packaged in a waterproof case, suitable for outdoor use. It features waterproof wire-through ports on the bottom to keep moisture and bugs out of your electronics.

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