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Solar Water Pumping System Basics

Solar Water Pumping System Basics

Mar 10,2023
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A solar water pumping system is a mechanical system, which draws its energy from the sun. It harnesses the energy from the sun to power mechanical parts that transport water from a source, such as a river, storage container, or underground well, to a predetermined location. This location can be a farmland or a storage container for domestic usage.


Solar water-powered pumps are now widely used in the agricultural sector. This is due, in part, to the fact that the majority of agricultural areas are frequently expensive and remote from the grid. Grid power is frequently too expensive to be brought to the fields of agriculture. Also, the cost of consuming fossil fuels is frequently high due to rising prices around the world.


The fact that most irrigation work needs to be done during the dry season makes solar water-powered pumping agricultural fields a significant advantage. The season with the highest sun intensity and clear skies is frequently this one. As a result, there are favorable circumstances for harvesting solar energy when it is most needed.



There are three fundamental parts that make up a solar pump system. They include the water pump, solar pump inverter, and panels. The solar water pump is essentially an electric pump that is driven by electricity that is collected using solar panels.


Solar panels are the first part of the system; they collect solar energy and transform it into electrical power. In order to receive as much sunlight as possible, these panels must be positioned as efficiently as feasible. In some cases, a tracker may be installed to make sure that the panels are frequently pointed in the best direction for absorbing solar energy. The solar vfd receives this energy after that.


When the sun's rays are weak, a device called the solar pump controller is used to regulate the solar pump and prevent it from stalling. When the water tank is full, some sophisticated controllers incorporate a terminal for the float switch that allows the pump to be turned off. Moreover, they could have overvoltage protection.


The operator can modify the pump's pressure, flow, frequency, operational times, and more using the solar pump controller. In more sophisticated systems, these controllers frequently include a solar pump inverter. While the solar pump motor is an AC motor, solar inverters are frequently required. Advanced features required to run AC solar pump motors are frequently included with pump controllers. These features include the capacity to make operational modifications and networking connection capabilities that allow for off-site oversight.


Each solar water pumping system's water pump is an essential component. There are various configurations for pumps. The submersible, circulation, and booster pumps are the three most popular types.


Solar water pump systems that take water from deep wells or boreholes frequently use submersible pumps. On the other hand, the circulation pump is frequently employed to circulate water in order to maintain its warmth and guarantee a steady supply. In order to transfer water from a storage tank to the entire facility, a booster pump is employed to create the pressure needed.

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