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How a high-quality circuit board for solar pump controller is made? (2)

How a high-quality circuit board for solar pump controller is made? (2)

Dec 29,2022

Electrostatic protection is the key to avoiding quality problems of circuit board for solar pump controllers. The plug-in process is easy to touch electronic components, so workers must wear electrostatic wristbands when working to prevent human static electricity from affecting the quality of electronic components. After the plug-in, QC personnel will check the previous process.

Then the wave soldering process. After welding, staff at each station will cut the product, visually inspect and repair welding.

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ICT testing process

It is mainly to detect the circuit open circuit, short circuit of PCBA, and the welding condition of all parts, and accurately judge which component is the fault or which point the open and short circuit is located at. 

FCT detection process

FCT detection is a low-voltage power-on test for the function of circuit board of solar pump controllers, including testing of voltage, current, power, speed and other items to ensure that the product is 100% qualified before assembly. 

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Aging Test

Every circuit board must undergo a long-term high temperature resistance and aging test to ensure the quality of the controller. Finally, through circuit board assembly and product aging test, a high-quality solar pump controller circuit board is completed.

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