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What is the Difference Between Screw Solar Water Pump and Centrifugal Solar Water Pump?

What is the Difference Between Screw Solar Water Pump and Centrifugal Solar Water Pump?

Jun 8,2022
TPON solar water pump
Centrifugal pumps feature an impeller design ideal for high transfer applications and water-like fluids that need to be pumped through a variable flow rate pipe network. With their engineering principles, it's easy to see why so many operators rely on centrifugal pumps for a variety of common fluid handling applications. However, we all know that different pumps are usually better for different jobs.

Screw pumps are becoming more popular in industries where standard centrifugal pumps do not provide the required flow and energy efficiency, or where they have problems handling high viscosity liquids and other materials that tend to hinder performance.

Centrifugal pumps have been the default choice for many pumping applications for many years as they are the leading technology. The pumping method of accelerating the rotation of the impeller to push the water makes centrifugal pumps ideal for higher water volume transfer applications.

With relatively new technology, screw solar pumps can be a more reliable and efficient alternative to centrifugal pumps. Although the helical rotor pushes out relatively less water, it pumps out fluid at a fixed rate more consistently and efficiently. The following are the advantages of screw pumps and centrifugal pumps:

Advantages of centrifugal pumps

The structure is simple and compact. For the same conveying volume, the centrifugal pump occupies a small area, is light in weight, consumes less material, and has no high requirements on the foundation, so the manufacturing and installation costs are low. It can run at high speed and can be directly connected with a 2-pole or 4-pole motor. The transmission structure is simple and easy to install.

There is no valve in the centrifugal pump, so it is suitable for conveying suspensions. The special design can also convey suspensions of large solids. Pumps can be manufactured from materials resistant to chemical corrosion and suitable to deliver corrosion solutions. The output can be arbitrarily adjusted or even fully closed by the discharge valve, and there is no danger of the pressure head rising infinitely. Because of its uniform discharge and no pulse phenomenon, the amount of liquid to be transported is large. When the pressure head is not required to be large, the centrifugal pump is the most suitable.

Advantages of screw pumps

Screw pumps contain multiple screws that mesh with each other as they rotate, creating a sealed cavity within the pump casing. As the screw drive turns, the fluid moves steadily and continuously through the pump. It produces a consistent volume flow independent of pumping pressure or viscosity that can slow down centrifugal pumps.

Some of the advantages of screw pumps include:

Versatility with different flow rates, pressures, liquid types, and viscosities

Constant flow

High volumetric efficiency

Controllable output

Low internal speed

High resistance to entrained gas or air

Smooth and quiet operation

Very low pulsation

Self-priming characteristics

Reduce mechanical vibration

Although centrifugal pumps can deliver larger volumes of fluid, they require a certain level of solar energy to start pushing water. As a result, low sunlight hours such as an early morning or early evening may not provide enough power to run the centrifugal pump. On the other hand, screw pumps require lower solar energy to operate, which allows the pump to start earlier in the morning and continue to run longer before sunset. In short, screw pumps run longer each day because they require less solar energy to operate than centrifugal pumps. If you want to know more or want to buy a solar well pump, please contact us.

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