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What is a Solar Water Pump?

What is a Solar Water Pump?

Mar 25,2022
TPON solar pump
A solar water pump is an entire pumping system powered by solar energy by using solar photovoltaic panels. It does not use any fossil fuels or external electricity to run the pump. 

The pump is a conventional water pump, usually used for irrigation purposes. 

A solar water pump system has several components, such as solar panels, an electric pump, and the controls that operate it. Some designs may also include inverters or solar cells. 

Solar water pumps can be used for community irrigation and are suitable for various water bodies. In short, solar water pumps are powerful enough to replace traditional diesel or electric water pumps.

As the name suggests, the only difference between it and a regular water pump is that it runs solely on solar energy. When the sun shines, the sunlight on the panel generates direct current (DC) power that can be applied directly to the DC motor that pumps water. Depending on the engine you use, an inverter can be used to convert direct current to alternating current. 

The advantages of solar water pumps over traditional electric water pumps:

Solar water pumps run on solar power, which means zero electricity/diesel costs.

Solar power provides a more stable energy source than grid-based power systems because you can avoid blackouts, overheating, and unpredictable power shortages. 

Solar power has been a boon for these communities in many rural areas without access to the national grid. 

Compared to diesel-run water pumps, solar water pumps are much less expensive to maintain.

Solar water pumps do not produce harmful fumes and can reduce health problems in rural communities. Fumes from burning diesel fuel can cause life-threatening illnesses.

Solar power is the best option for people living in remote areas as they do not need to be connected to the national grid. Furthermore, it is safe for the environment and has almost zero maintenance costs. Although the initial setup of the solar water pump is double that of the diesel pump, it increases the annual net income of the farmer/rural community. These initial costs will come down over the next few years as technology improves and solar power grows rapidly.

Types of solar water pumps:

In fact, existing AC or DC water pumps can be reused as solar water pumps. It just involves adding solar PV modules and electronic charge controllers.

Pumps are classified in two ways. They are categorized by location (underwater or above the waterline) or electricity used (DC or AC).

1. Solar submersible pump: The submersible pump is used for low water bodies with a depth of more than 10 meters. In order to install such a pump, a hole must be dug, which increases the cost of installation. These pumps are still submerged in water, so there is also some maintenance cost. 

2. Solar surface pump: The ground pump is designed for water bodies with a depth of fewer than 10 meters, such as ponds and wells. They are surface-mounted for easier maintenance. 

Current usage:

DC Pump: Operates on a motor that runs on DC; therefore, no batteries or inverters are required. They tend to be more effective, but also expensive.

AC Pump: To operate an AC pump, an inverter must be installed to convert DC to AC. Some energy may be lost during the conversation. 

It must be noted that the advantage of a DC pump is its higher efficiency and does not require an inverter for operation. However, DC pumps are costly and can be complicated to repair and maintain in rural areas.

Due to the advantages of energy-saving and low maintenance cost of solar water pumps, more and more people choose it. If you want to know more, you can contact us.

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