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What Should Be Paid Attention to when Installing Solar Water Pumps?

What Should Be Paid Attention to when Installing Solar Water Pumps?

Mar 8,2022
the specific common faults and solutions of solar water pumps

The main difference between solar water pumps and conventional pumps is the power supply. Solar water pumps rely on solar panels to operate the equipment. The solar panel can be built into the device, or it can be a separate structure connected to the pump by wires. Solar panels power the device, enabling it to work independently of any existing electrical system.

Since solar water pumps are different from other conventional pumps, we need to pay attention to the following items when installing, so that solar water pumps can play their due operational efficiency.

1. Prevent dry pumping

(1) When debugging the system, pay attention to the trial operation stage. The dry-running time of the solar water pump cannot exceed the 90S, otherwise, the solar water pump motor may be damaged due to high temperature.

(2) In the daily use process, pay attention to the changes in the water level of the water source. A water level switch can be installed at the water source to detect the water level signal so that the system can protect the shutdown when there is a water shortage.

2. Antifreeze

(1) When used in high-cold areas, the system pipeline needs to be buried below the freezing line to avoid exposure of the pipeline as much as possible.

(2) The water in the pipeline should be discharged in time, otherwise, it may cause the pipeline to burst. It can be solved by manually operating the valve to drain water and installing a pressure relief valve.

(3) A small hole can be drilled under the pipeline below the freezing line. When the system is shut down, the water in the pipeline can be drained from the small hole to prevent freezing.

3. Cable waterproof

(1) When the pump leaves the factory, the length of the motor cable is about 2 meters. For deep good applications, the cable needs to be extended, and the cable connection needs to be wrapped with waterproof tape to prevent the system from shutting down after water seepage.

(2) A dedicated solar water pump junction box can be used for the connection.

4. Prevent particles from entering

(1) Ferromagnetic impurities and solid particles are not allowed to enter the suction port of the solar water pump, so as not to block the suction port.

(2) When transporting water with high sand content, a filter should be installed at the inlet of the pump flow pipe.

(3) When the solar water pump is installed in a river, a filter screen should be installed around the pump to prevent debris from blocking the suction port due to the suction of the pump.

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