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What Are the Advantages and Applications of Solar Water Pumps?

What Are the Advantages and Applications of Solar Water Pumps?

Nov 16,2021
advantages and applications of solar water pumps

Solar water pumps can take solar energy everywhere, the system is fully automatic, it works at sunrise and rests at sunset. There is no need for personnel supervision so that the workload of maintenance personnel can be minimized. Therefore, solar water pumps are the most ideal green energy utilization system. TPON shared the following advantages and applications of solar water pumps.


1. The solar water pump itself has some advantages that other water pumps do not have. The first point is the reliability of the solar water pump because it rarely uses moving parts. As long as the light energy is continuously supplied and there is water in the well, it will work very reliably.

2. The voltage used by solar water pumps is generally relatively small and relatively safe. Secondly, its electricity comes from solar panels, so it is easy to control. Then the solar water pump itself is noiseless, and it does not produce other liquids and gases during work. Therefore, the solar water pump is a relatively environmentally friendly water pump, so it has a high degree of attention in the market.

3. The volume of the solar water pump is relatively small, so the installation is relatively simple and convenient.

4. Solar water pumps use solar energy, but solar energy is available everywhere, so the scope of use of solar water pumps has become very wide.

The above are some of the advantages of the solar water pump itself. Because of the advantages of its own power supply everywhere, it is also used for many purposes, including digging wells in the desert and irrigation of farmland. Generally, it is difficult to do with water pumps, and solar water pumps can be done easily.
The solar water pump system is a powerful water supply method for remote areas lacking electricity, and it is an ideal green energy water pumping system that integrates economy, reliability, and environmental benefits. The following are the specific applications of solar water pumps.

Economic crops and farmland irrigation

In arid and semi-arid areas, water resources are scarce, making it difficult to irrigate crops. The use of solar water pump systems to irrigate crops has achieved low energy consumption and environmental protection; at the same time, the cost of raising water is reduced, and the economic benefits are significant. The system has broad application prospects and significant social, economic, and ecological benefits in terms of economic crops and farmland irrigation.

Barren Mountain Management

The deterioration of the environment has caused the frequent occurrence of severe weather such as sandstorms, which has seriously threatened the human living environment. In the process of greening barren hills, vegetation irrigation has become a big problem, and the high power grid erection and electricity costs have become the bottleneck of barren hills greening at present. The solar water pump system utilizes solar energy and groundwater resources according to local conditions and is equipped with drip irrigation and an intelligent control system. It is an effective way to solve vegetation irrigation in the process of barren hill management.

Soil erosion protection

In soil erosion areas, without electricity supply, solar energy is used to pump water from the river ashore to irrigate the water-repellent vegetation on both banks and hillsides. The solar water pump system plays an important role in the treatment of soil erosion protection.

Desertification land management

This solar water pump system can also be widely used in afforestation, reforestation, and grassland, curb the spread of desertified land and desertified grassland management, protect and restore desertified grassland vegetation, comprehensive management of small watersheds and water sources, construction of water-saving irrigation projects, and small-scale water conservancy projects.

Livestock water and pasture irrigation

The drought and lack of water have caused severe damage to pastures, large areas of pastures have dried up, and animal husbandry production has been severely impacted. Livestock in pastoral areas is weakened due to a lack of grass and water. At present, the irrigation of pastures mainly relies on groundwater, and the use of groundwater is restricted by two factors. One is the limitation of water resources, and the other is the limitation of energy power.

Because of the scattered human settlements, inconvenient transportation, and difficulty in energy supply in these areas, and the construction of power grids due to high line losses, large spans, and other reasons, energy shortages have caused the power to lift water to be unable to solve.

The solar water pump system combines the rich solar energy source of the grassland and the generally long sunshine time. It effectively uses solar panels to convert solar energy into electricity, drives the pump to pump groundwater, and transforms the natural grassland into an artificial grassland.

Water for life

The solar water pump system can effectively provide safe and effective water supply solutions for households in remote areas due to power shortages and insufficient water supply, and can effectively meet various household water needs.

If you want to know more about solar water pumps after reading the above, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting TPON.

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