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The Dust-Free PCB Workshop at TPON

The Dust-Free PCB Workshop at TPON

Nov 28,2023

TPON Solar Pump Factory has equipped itself with its own dust-free printed circuit board (PCB) production workshop and completed the assembly of controllers tailored for solar pumps. This initiative aims to further elevate service standards to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Enhancing Quality Consistency

TPON Solar Pump Factory is dedicated to providing customers with excellent-quality products. By introducing a dust-free production workshop, we have successfully improved the consistency of PCB production, ensuring the reliability and performance of each solar pump.

Reducing New Product Development Time

In response to market demands, TPON has intensified its efforts in new product development. Through optimizing processes and enhancing team collaboration, we have successfully shortened the time required for developing new products, allowing customers to experience the latest technology in solar pump products sooner.

Enhancing Shipping Responsiveness

TPON recognizes the importance of timely delivery to customers. By independently producing controllers and having control over the production process, we ensure that customers receive the products they need in a timely manner.

TPON Solar Pump Factory's series of improvement initiatives are aimed at providing customers with more comprehensive and efficient services. We firmly believe that through continuous innovation and improvement, TPON will continue to contribute to the development of the solar pump industry, creating greater value for our customers.

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