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TPON distributes Mid-Autumn Festival benefits to employees

TPON distributes Mid-Autumn Festival benefits to employees

Sep 9,2022

As the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2022 is approaching, TPON solar pump factory  carefully prepare holiday benefits for all employees before the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday-- a box of mooncake, which sends deep love and blessings to everyone! The round mooncakes symbolize good reunion, and symbolize unity, friendship, and happiness. 

tpon factory
tpon manufacturer

Mooncakes were distributed in Raw Material Finishing Workshop, Solar Water Pump Processing Workshop, Controllers Workshop, the employees who received the mooncakes were full of happiness, all smiles and praises, the mooncakes are in their hands and warm in their hearts!

tpon workshop
tpon solar pump assembly line

Every achievement of TPON solar pump is inseparable from the joint efforts of all employees of the factory and the hardwork of every employee. They are busy working on assembly line of submersible solar pump, solar surface pump, swimming pool solar pump,  ac/dc solar water pumps all day long. TPON Pump is grateful for the time they spent with each other. Wish all TPON family members: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!


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