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Why Use Solar Power to Power Your Water Pump?

Why Use Solar Power to Power Your Water Pump?

Aug 30,2022
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Solar irrigation offers many opportunities for the world's 500 million smallholder farmers. Provides a sustainable and reliable way to grow crops year-round while saving you time and money on the farm. Many of these benefits come from renewable energy -- free solar energy.

So we wanted to take a step back and look at the solar technology that powers our water pumps. How it works and what makes it a great choice for irrigated farms.

How do solar panels work?

Solar energy is a brilliant technology that has come a long way over the past few decades. You may be familiar with household solar panels, such as those that generate energy to power lights and appliances or those that provide hot water. To power the water pump, you need solar panels that convert sunlight into electricity - these are solar photovoltaic panels. 

So how do solar photovoltaic panels work? Simply put, these glass panels consist of a network of semiconductor cells that energize and generate an electric field when hit by sunlight. This network inside the panel then directs the energy into an electrical current to power the things you need.

This process happens within the panel as soon as sunlight hits it. All you need to do is put the panel in the sun, plug in your device, and you're ready to power up. So unlike other power sources like fuel generators or batteries, you don't need to charge them or get fuel to keep them working.

Solar is more affordable than ever

As technology develops and becomes more widely available, costs plummet. This is good because it means that the use of solar machinery in agriculture is getting cheaper. More recently, the cost of energy generated by solar photovoltaic panels has been less than $1 per watt, compared to $77 in 1980. 

The reduction in cost goes hand in hand with the increase in efficiency (useful energy output compared to energy input). In fact, TPON solar water pumps are now more efficient than gasoline pumps when it comes to energy. 

With solar panels, you should get decades of clean, free energy. No major ongoing maintenance costs, just keep it clean and free from external damage.

Irrigate your farm with solar energy

It's no surprise that the demand for solar water pumps is growing. 

Solar water pumps allow you to irrigate your farm more efficiently for better crops and bigger harvests. Using solar energy to power your pump also offers additional benefits.

Use solar energy when your crops need irrigation most; on hot, dry, sunny days, you can use all the sunlight to pump water on your farm. If you're used to using a petrol pump, you'll immediately recognize the main benefits of not having to buy fuel anymore - less travel, less expense, and uninterrupted irrigation.

You can also let the solar water pump continue to irrigate, which will reduce your labor and spend more time on other things.

What's more, they are more environmentally friendly than the alternatives. With no polluting fumes, your farm will have cleaner air and no chemicals will leak into your soil.

These benefits should be seen on your farm season after season, year after year - a solar water pump should last for years.

The above briefly introduces the reasons why you should use solar energy to power the water pump. If you want to buy a solar water pump, please contact us.

TPON is a professional custom solar water pump manufacturer. In order to control product quality and reduce cost prices, we will bring customers the most cost-effective and competitive solar water pumps. The important parts of the solar water pump are all manufactured and processed by our factory. The workshop is equipped with automatic winding machines, finishing equipment, advanced assembly lines, and precision testing machines. Each solar well pump will be rigorously tested before leaving the factory to ensure product quality.

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