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DC Pumps Are Better Than Ac Pumps in Solar Pumping Systems

DC Pumps Are Better Than Ac Pumps in Solar Pumping Systems

Aug 2,2022
The solar water pump is the heart of a solar water pump system, so choosing a reliable water pump is a key choice in building an efficient system.

There are two main types of solar water pumps on the market: AC water pumps and DC water pumps.

DC solar water pumps use a DC motor that works with DC motors such as solar panels or batteries, so an inverter is not required.

An AC solar pump uses an AC motor to convert the DC power from the solar panel to AC power through a solar pump inverter.

So which is better, AC pump or DC pump?

In practice, we usually use DC pumps in low power capacity systems below 5kW, but there are a few factors to consider when choosing one over the other, as they each have their pros and cons.


While a DC pump is more efficient than an AC pump and requires fewer solar panels to operate, it is difficult to maintain in remote areas because it requires a dedicated service center and you can't run an emergency at night, which is why it The reason is that the price is higher than the price of the AC pump.

Service Life

In terms of service life, DC solar water pumps use pure copper motor coils, which have a longer service life, while AC solar water pumps use aluminum/copper motor coils with competitive prices.


Noise-wise, the DC pump is low noise and completely quiet because it uses an internal BLDC motor with high manufacturing technology, while the AC pump uses old motor technology, and the noise of the AC pump increases with age.

So now it's clear that using a DC pump is much better than an AC pump.

DC solar pumping system components

The DC solar water pump system is mainly composed of solar panels, a controller, and a DC water pump. The most important part is the DC controller, which has 4 important rules:

A. Regulate the DC input voltage for maximum power point tracking (MPPT) to run the pump at maximum efficiency.

B. Automatically start and stop the pump.

C. Soft start the pump.

D. Provide various protections such as overcurrent, short circuit, overvoltage, under voltage, and overtemperature.

The DC controller also has a display that shows real-time measurements of pump power, voltage, current consumption, and speed.

The above briefly introduces the differences between AC solar water pumps and DC solar water pumps and the system components of DC solar water pumping. If you want to buy solar water pumps, please contact us.

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