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What Are the Advantages of Using Solar Water Pumps?

What Are the Advantages of Using Solar Water Pumps?

Dec 16,2021
 the advantages of using solar water pumps

The solar water pump is mainly composed of a photovoltaic pumping inverter and a water pump. In specific applications, according to the needs of different heads and daily water consumption, solar cell arrays of corresponding power are allocated, collectively referred to as photovoltaic pumping systems.

The working principle of the solar water pump is that the solar panels absorb solar radiation energy and convert it into electrical energy, and use the solar photovoltaic water pump inverter to output the electrical energy to drive the water pump to work, allowing the water pump to transport liquid when it is powered. TPON shared the following advantages of using solar water pumps.

(1) The solar water pump system runs fully automatically without manual duty. The system is mainly composed of photovoltaic pumping inverters, photovoltaic arrays, and water pumps. The system saves energy storage devices such as batteries, replaces electricity storage with water, and directly drives the water pump to raise water.

(2) The photovoltaic pumping inverter controls and regulates the operation of the system to achieve maximum power point tracking. When the sunshine is sufficient, the rated operation of the system is guaranteed. When the sunshine is insufficient, the minimum operating frequency is set to meet to ensure the full application of solar battery power.

(3) The solar cell array is made up of multiple solar cell modules in series and parallel, which absorb solar radiation energy and convert it into electrical energy to provide power for the entire system.
(4) Water pumps pump water from deep wells, rivers and lakes, and other water sources, and inject it into water tanks/pools, or directly connect to irrigation or fountain systems. DC pumps, AC pumps, centrifugal pumps, axial flow pumps, mixed flow pumps, deep well pumps, etc. can be used.

(5) Photovoltaic water pump system utilizes the long-lasting energy from the sun, works at sunrise, without personnel supervision, no fossil energy, no integrated power grid.

Solar water pumps can be used with drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, infiltration irrigation, and other irrigation facilities to effectively solve the problem of arable land irrigation, increase production, save water and energy, and greatly reduce the input cost of traditional energy and electricity.

Therefore, solar water pumps have become the most effective way to use clean energy to replace the fossil energy. The solar water pump designed and manufactured by TPON is versatile and requires very little maintenance. If you want to learn more about related services, please send your needs to us, and we will give you a satisfactory answer in time.

With excellent R&D technology and high-quality products and services, TPON has quickly become one of the leading manufacturers of solar water pumps. We take the needs of our customers first, establish a strict quality inspection system and a comprehensive management team, and control the quality of our products in an all-around way. At the same time, we will also provide customers with effective solution technology and thoughtful one-stop service. If you want to buy our solar water pump, please contact us immediately!
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