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What are the free accessories of TPON solar solar well pump system?

What are the free accessories of TPON solar solar well pump system?

Update Time:2023/5/31
TPON Brushless Solar Water Pump Kit
The TPON brushless solar water pump kit comprises three key components: the solar pump, the solar water pump controller, and various free installation parts. Let's take a closer look at each of these components:

Solar Pump
The heart of the TPON brushless solar water pump kit is the solar pump itself. This high-performance pump is designed to efficiently lift water from underground sources such as wells, boreholes, or tanks. Powered by solar energy, the pump eliminates the need for grid electricity, reducing operational costs and minimizing environmental impact.

Solar Water Pump Controller
To ensure optimal performance and protection for the solar pump, TPON includes a solar water pump controller in their kit. This controller acts as the brain of the system, managing the power supply and monitoring the pump's operation. It ensures that the pump operates at its maximum efficiency while protecting it from potential issues such as dry running, overvoltage, and overload.

Free Installation Parts
TPON understands the importance of providing a comprehensive solution to their customers. Alongside the solar pump and controller, the brushless solar water pump kit also includes various free installation parts. These parts are designed to facilitate the installation process and ensure a seamless setup. Some of the free installation parts included in the kit are:

1. Insulation Tape
Insulation tape is an essential component when it comes to securing and protecting electrical connections. TPON includes high-quality insulation tape in their kit, ensuring safe and reliable connections between the solar pump, controller, and power source.

2. Teflon Tape
Teflon tape, also known as plumber's tape, is often used to create a watertight seal in plumbing applications. In the TPON brushless solar water pump kit, teflon tape is provided to assist with the installation of various plumbing connections, ensuring leak-free operation.

3. Heat-Shrinkable Tube
Heat-shrinkable tubes are used to insulate and protect electrical wires from moisture, dust, and other environmental factors. TPON includes heat-shrinkable tubes in their kit to enhance the durability and longevity of the electrical connections within the system.

4. Screwdriver, Screw, and Nut
To simplify the installation process, TPON provides a screwdriver along with a set of screws and nuts. These tools are essential for securely fastening components and ensuring a stable and reliable setup.

5. Connection Terminal
The TPON brushless solar water pump kit also includes a connection terminal that enables easy and convenient wiring. This terminal simplifies the connection between the solar pump, controller, and power source, allowing for a hassle-free installation experience.

TPON Solar Pump Factory stands out in the market not only for its high-quality brushless solar water pump kit but also for the inclusion of valuable free accessories. The insulation tape, teflon tape, heat-shrinkable tube, screwdriver, screw, nut, and connection terminal provided by TPON ensure that customers have all the necessary components to set up their solar-powered water pumping system. With TPON, customers can expect a complete package that offers efficiency, reliability, and ease of installation.
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