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Can I use my own forwarder?

Can I use my own forwarder?

Update Time:2023/5/27
TPON solar water pump factory takes pride in providing high-quality solar water pumps to customers worldwide. We understand that shipping is an essential aspect of the purchasing process, and we strive to offer efficient and reliable shipping solutions to meet our customers' needs.

Can Customers Use Their Own Forwarder?
A shipping forwarder acts as an intermediary between the manufacturer and the customer, managing the logistics and transportation of goods. At TPON, we recognize that some customers may have established relationships with their preferred forwarders. We value your preferences and aim to accommodate your requirements to the best of our ability.

TPON's Policy on Customers Using Their Own Forwarder
TPON solar water pump factory allows customers to use their own forwarder for shipping if they so desire. We understand the importance of maintaining strong relationships with your trusted logistics partners. By choosing your own forwarder, you can continue working with a shipping company you are familiar with, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.
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